Auction Wise Guide in hall


Brand auction venue

Brand auction features Luxury Brand goods with a condition from new to C-rank. (Bag, Watch, Small items, Accessories, Apparel,Precious metals etc )



Apparel auction venue

Other brands which Brand auction does not sell. (Bag, Watch, Small items, Accessories, Apparel,Precious metals etc )


  • Shinagawa
  • Shinagawa

Auction Wise Usage of market

Usage of market

All participants need 「古物商許可証」”Kobutsusho-kyokasho”, Used Goods Dealer Permit, issued by public safety commission.

Auction Wise intends to eliminate the old idea that newcomers to the brand goods market cannot purchase like seasoned buyers in traditional markets. We want to build a fair and open market to all participants.

  • Advanced registration is required.
    (limited seating)
  • Safe and comfortable environment for women.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • Safe and easy for beginners.

You can buy and sell safely with our authentication criteria and assistance from other participants.

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