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Questions frequently asked by customers.
We are always invite any questions,please feel free to contact us.

Can anyone attend the auction market? How to attend?
Agree to the membership terms is a prerequisite. Anyone who has the proper license, “kobutsu kyokasho”, issued by the public safety commission can attend the auction market. If your license approval is pending you can visit and take a look at the market, but can not buy or sell. To attend complete the registration forms.
How much is the registration fee and attendance fee?
The registration fee is a one-time fee of ¥30,000. The attendance fee is ¥2000-¥3000 and is payable on every day you attend the auction.
How much is the fee to buy and sell?
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I'm worried whether I can buy or sell because its my first time to attend the auction market .
Don't worry. We will help you. Our auction market is very open and fair. Other markets uses market phraseology but we don't. As long as you follow minimum rules,you can definitely buy (or sell) items.
As I'm opening a new shop,can I buy items in large numbers?
Don't worry. It depends on the items you need, you can buy in bulk if contact us preliminarily.

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