Brand Authentication Seminar

We accept anyone who is a beginner in the brand goods industry.
There was a high demand to offer this Authentication Seminar for beginners and for training new employees of experienced companies.

We offer the Brand Authentication Seminar at a low price to contribute to the fight against counterfeit goods.
The advantage of Auction Wise's Authentication Seminar over others:Experience.
Auction Wise evaluates more than 10,000 brand items a month. You get the chance to learn and practice in a real auction environment.

About the Brand Authentication Seminar

Seminar Fee
84000 yen for 1 person From 2nd
person 52500 yen each. (Includes Lunch and Drink)
Seminar content
Beginners, Precious metals,Jewelries, Brand Appraisal

・Bank transfer
After application,we will let you know
the account number.

This class is limited to 6 people. 真贋講習申し込み

Seminar Overview

We show you about 150 authentic and counterfeit
items. At the end of the seminar you will be asked
to determine which are authentic.

The textbook will describe important criteria with
text and pictures.

Follow the textbook and study.

Use the tools for authentication and check with
your own eyes.

After the lecture you will use a checklist and
judge the items for authenticity.

After your evaluation is complete we will reveal
which items are authentic and which are

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